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Paying employees' super

NAB Super Pay is an online solution that lets you manage your employees' superannuation contributions and meet SuperStream requirements.

Benefits and features

Save time

Submit a single data file and make one online payment for your employees across different funds. The system takes care of the rest.

Meet regulations

Complies with Australian Tax Office (ATO) SuperStream data and payment standard. Super Pay accepts files in the SuperStream Alternate File Format (SAFF).

Track your contributions

Follow the status of contributions in real-time and access reports on contributions down to the level of each individual employee.

Fewer errors and uncertainty

Our upfront validation process ensures data accuracy so you can be sure payments are made correctly every time.

How NAB Super Pay works

NAB Super Pay uses a four-step function in order to reconcile and process your submitted contribution data:

1) Log in and submit contribution data via your Online Portal.

2) You process a payment for the total of the contribution amount, using the unique identification number provided to you by us. Alternatively, if you elect to make payment via direct debit, we will process the payment from your nominated account.

3) NAB Super Pay will reconcile the total amount of the contribution data with the payment.

4) Contribution data and monies are sent to superannuation funds.

How to sign up

1. When you select 'Apply' you’ll download our application form, which includes the Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide.

2. Scan your signed and completed application form – then email it to

3. After you’ve submitted your form, NAB Super Pay user details will be emailed to you within five business days.